The Bell

We hear the bell to start the day,
And heavy lids on sleepy eyes
Chase fantasies and dreams away,
To overcome the sun's arise.

The bell rings out from out the tower,
To bring us to reality;
Its sonorous tones proclaim the hour,
We count their number sleepily.

In convents, churches, monasteries
The bell rings out three threes and nine.
At six and twelve and six again
To pray the Angelus divine.

The bells ring out in peals of joy.
As from the church to open air,
Come arm in arm, the girl and boy
Who promised each their lives to share,

The priest with candle, book and bell
Expels the unrepentant soul,
By excommunication tell
That he be stricken from the roll.

There comes the day the bell is tolled,
The Mass is said the body blessed;
And Christ will in his arms enfold,
To take the soul to final rest.

by Pius Dapre

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