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The Bell Tolleth
LC (04-06-1992 / Zaandam)

The Bell Tolleth

And thus the Mournful Bell tolleth for Me.
For it was, as I knew, Time to See.
Vanity of Her Smile and Skin.
A Void replaceth deep with in.

This Sphere I carry is Light.
Shimmering burning Relief and Delight.
For it is the Light of the Fallen Angel.
Also The Only Sun in the Cosmos.

Whispering Leaves of the Winter struck Tree.
As I Vow to Ye:
'My Flesh shall not Meet Thee...Anymore'
'My Blood shall not take the Scent of Thine...Anymore'

Alea Iacta Est.
My Fate settled My Love to Rest.
Grieving Grey Sky with the Cold Frozen Breeze.
May My Mind be at Ease.

Be Damneth and Ablaze.
The Grey Forest of the Past to Erase.
Lucifer, accompanieth by Venus the Dearest of the Morning.
I relinquish my Shriek of Mourning.

Thou have receiveth the Burden.

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