To completely read the minds of the Policemen is to join the Law Enforcement
That's the only way to grasp the reality they have to face in such enlightenment
In order to understand the criminal minds is in fact to also commit a crime
But I'm not telling you to rob a bank or even kill so you would do the time
However we often judge a person without walking on its shoes or path
My interactions with criminals like killers, addicts and convicts made me realize
The variances in human behavior but having the same emotions as I had analyze
That even a very selfish man have that someone they do love which they could never refuse
That even an addict could change for that someone who is their strength despite the abuse
That even killers too have someone they also fear of losing despite of all their anger
That even thieves could also be generously kind to its family and even to a stranger
My interactions with people from all walks of life gave me the knowledge to write
Of how I see the reality of my society including everything that is wrong or right
For the Law of Philosophy there are things that are permanent and also temporary
Which means that there are things that needs to change and could be evolutionary
There are also matters that would never change like humans need to eat food
But our Philosophical views needs to adapt in the changing world for the good
If the Ancient Greeks were right about Democracy how could they be wrong about religion
Democracy which is considered to be the most Logical and Rational for the people
And wrong about worshiping Apollo, Diana, Ares and especially Zeus on its temple
We're aware of our sins but since we are already half wet then we might as well take a bath
But that is not in fact the right thing for us to do if we choose to correct our own wicked path
In my time in America have I found out what made the Americans greater than all the rest
They had great Leaders who overcame the impossible and made them believe to be the best
They invested most of their lives and blood to achieve all of their Success or Greatness
In their quest for Equality and Liberty for all which is deep inside their consciousness
For most of you would say that I am totally dependent with my own family to survive
But most of you Filipinos are the same in my own observance or if I should describe
Filipinos are dependent on other nations that without them they would all squabble for food
Overseas Workers, Seafarers, Call Agents and Balik Bayans who are all searching for the good
So I left America not because I was deported but because I wasn't that ambitious as a person
I was a poor boy when I left Pinas and I am still a poor man when I came back in comparison
For I saw no other reason there to stay not for the comfort or not even for the wealth
So for five years I endured all of the emptiness and all of the loneliness that I've felt
But this poor man just got the attention of the World that my name is on the White House
All of my experiences in life made me the savagely strong but kind man that I am today
And the Americans, Jews, French and even Hollywood would still be watching everyday
For our experiences in life would soon molds us to be the kind of person to face reality
The reality which would swallow us and spit us out as we soon overcome the intensity


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