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`the Best

She thinks it's easy, but I'm torn up.
She thinks I don't care,
but it's all I think bout..
I've got love,
but is it enough?

I can tell her Sweet little lines,
but I'm defeated inside.
I can act like everything is okay,
Once I turn around..
I see out of the corner of my eye..
You're another cheater inside.

Everyday, I could write you poems,
I could Tell you I love you..
I could tell you how much I care..
I could tell you, you're my world..
my darling Angel..
but at the end of the night..
Your stuck thinkin of him tonight..

I'm home alone..
Darkness taking over,
Heart cold as ice..
I'm burning up,
I never felt so dead inside.

I'll pack my bags,
Delete your words,
forget that promise,
and I wish you the best with Him.....

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