The Best Day, Unlocked

It was the best day
freedom handed me the keys
and I took them gladly

The currency in this land
is recklessness and fearlessness
I'm still poor but steadily gathering my coins

out on the town
ripping and running through all the stores
riffling through merchandise and buying nothing

I ran behind you snapping ridiculous
pictures of nothing and everything
giggling like preschool kids
we spent all of our money
on frozen yogurt and arcade games

It was the best day
and it left us breathless
our last stop, the new sushi restaurant
at the end of the lane, its beauty enraptured us

as we split a single order of snow crab rolls
and it was the best thing we'd ever eaten
I hadn't been that full in a long time

It was the best day
I took the keys
I was enriched by the land
I was left breathless
and free

by Nika McGuin

Comments (3)

This is a great poem about how much fun and bliss can be discovered just spending money in the local neighborhood at a sushi restaurant. Very appreciative and exciting about simple realities. I like it.
So this is the benefit of freedom. And now I get the pun! Nothing costs money not because things are free but because YOU ARE FREE. Rather than being a rich girl tossing her exccess money around, you are a free woman and all experiences come forward and politely say, Come on, you're next! What a liberating poem! You have FREED us from both economic worries and the need to prioritize our pleasures because there are limited funds. I've read the poem, now I want to live the poem. Where is this Free Mall of America located? It's certainly not in Bloomington, Minnesota, a few miles from my apartment, where the Mall of America has price tags, suspicious clerks, and specialty shops galore. (I go there in winter to hike the wide aisles for exercise, and avoid the stores. But maybe someday - there will be A BEST DAY, UNLOCKED at the Mall of America!) This is a delightful poem, Nika. It put a big smile on my face... And I'm still smiling. P.S. Did I really write that comment below? I don't remember it. But this comment on 11/11/14 is much better!
Freedom - recklessness - fearlessness these are the currency used on the best of days. Certainly not a conservative setting, very liberal rather but the joy it brings and the memories it creates both recomend it as a way to be happy and fulfilled.