The Best Intentions

You can have, the best intentions, in the
world, but they can also go astray! You
may think, you've got a hold on it, but
somehow, it can get away. In matters
like these, you, have to be one step ahead
of the game. It's best, to keep your eyes
wide open, as not to cause you, any pain!
We all deal with things differently, as it's
the only way, we know how. Some, are
more adept and deal, with the here and
now! To me, it makes sense, to take one
day, at a time, then, you'll see, what you
were able to achieve. So even if you had,
the best intentions and they might have
gone astray. It all, can come back to you,
as if it never, got away!

by Audrey Heller

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