IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

The Best Laid Plans.

No moon tonight that we can see.
The dark storm clouds are gathering
The thunder grumbles distantly.
Ominous and threatening.

I’m far from home no shelter near
When suddenly the sky turns bright
As blue white streaks of lightning sear
Across the darkness of the night.

The lightning tears the clouds apart.
Swiftly and efficiently
And this allows the rain to start.
Pouring down torrentially.

My windscreen wipers cannot cope.
I cannot see the road ahead.
my journeys end a forlorn hope.
Tonight I shall not see my bed.

The storm still rages to and fro.
I have no choice but wait it out.
When it blows over I shall go
As it must I do not doubt.

I watch and wait impatiently.
Just static on the radio.
Caused by the lightning probably.
I shall be glad when I can go.

At last the sky begins to clear.
It seems the storm has run its course
The clouds pass on and stars appear.
I bowed to its superior force.

I can continue on my way
But still I must drive carefully.
As others pass in clouds of spray
Too fast and driving thoughtlessly.

Quite soon I shall be home in bed
Catching up on beauty sleep.
Another journey lies ahead
I have appointments I must keep...

May be the weather will be kind.
Although the forecasts none too bright.
I can’t afford to fall behind.
My deadline will run out tonight.

Wednesday,01 February 2012
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