IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

The Best Laidplans Gang Aft Agley Storypoem

I planned her demise carefully
I was quite sure that it would be
accepted as an accident.
Which left me looking innocent.

I thought I had made no mistakes
but I made one that’s all it takes.
One single shred of evidence
destroyed my claim to innocence.

I should have sued for a divorce
that would have been the wisest course.
Though it would not have satisfied
the hatred festering inside

Caused by the mental cruelty
to which she had subjected me
So I devised the perfect plan
to rid myself of this woman.

My only thought revenge is sweet.
I truly thought in my conceit
That I would get away Scott free.
But fate had other plans for me.

My home is temporarily
a hospital I am not free.
I can still smile I am content
her punishment is permanent.

I was adjudged incompetent
of forming murderous intent
The lawyer who defended me
convinced the judge successfully.

That though I caused my wifes demise
I was too ill to recognise
That killing her would be a crime.
My mind abnormal at that time.

I have no reason to complain
I know that I am not insane
That very soon the powers that be
will certify my sanity.

Although my plans went all awry.
The price I pay is not too high
At last I am well rid of you.
It was well worth it in my view.

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