MS (The Twenty-Seventh of January / I was Born in Tuscon Then I moved to Phoenix)

The Best Memory

The best memory I have is leaving you.
I finally felt power over myself.
I felt freedom.
No more crying over you cause you came home late.
No more pretending a smile when things aren't right.
I rememeber that day, like it was yesterday.
Oh wait it was yesterday.
Yesterday I got all the freedom I ever wanted
The best part is I can do anything
I want to without you dragging me down.
Now I can find somebody
Who could actually put their heart and soul
Into our relationship like I did with you.
I can not believe I loved you.
You must have drugged me or something.: (

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from feeling freedom and fresh air empowers someone to grow more powerful within themselves 10/10 Love the poem Makayla :)