Some Things Just Can Not Be Explained

how do you explain to somebody you like,
that something happened,
that you can't changed,
it makes you second guess ppl,
when they don't deserve it,
it makes them work harder,
to prove themselves to you,
that they are worth,
more than you are letting them,
but you keep them at a distance,
worry they will bite,
when you know they are a kitten,
sweet, loveable and loyal,
but that still don't stop you,
you keep your distance,
until there is an ocean,
between the two of you,
but when water rise,
there nothing you can do,
to save what you wanted,
you both drifted so far away,
even a life boat wont help you,
yet you remain lost,
in your thoughts,
and your body,
waiting for that day,
when you are able to feel again,
becuz even than,
you can't explain,
your fears and frustration you felt,
not know how to get it off or your chess,
and open up,
it just one of those things,
you don't know how to explain,
no matter how much practice you have.

by mona martinez

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i think this is a cute poem for best friends! ! ! ! im from lamar jr high and you stay stellar!