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The Best Of Medicine

You feel very sad and dejected another big phone bill to pay
But one worry only leads to another you do need a good laugh today,
You do need to laugh long and hearty for laughter is so good for you
And laughter is the best of medicine those words now as ever ring true.

Yes laughter is the best of medicine from you it keeps those sad demons away
Those demons that cause you depression and such havoc with your mind can play
If you're always sad and dejected even your best friends apart from you grow
But when you are happy and smiling you are the one they wish to know.

You laugh and the World laughs with you and people about you will say
Such a cheerful and feel good person and such people make life seem okay
We all have our moments of sadness suppose we are all made that way
But life must be so sad and depressing for those who cannot laugh every day.

You feel very sad and dejected your electricity bill overdue
And your friends seem to give you a wide berth and sadness is all around you
And you wallow in your own self pity and you tell yourself life is unfair
But maybe one good bout of laughter will ease your burden of despair.

by Francis Duggan

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