Poem Hunter
The Best Of The Best
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

The Best Of The Best

I remember when I was in school
There were always students that stood out
They were the ones who knew the answers
They were extra smart, there wasn’t a doubt

And every year it was exactly the same
Although new ones always came along
But academics were their strong suit
Knowledge was where they were strong

Well, in Oklahoma there’s a special school
Just for these intellectual types of kids
It’s amazing and exciting as well to see
For their intelligence is just never hid

The school is beautiful and stands out too
It just kind of gives you a chill
For you know with these special abilities
So much in their lives can be fulfilled

We congratulate the students here
We know they are not afraid of tests
Because they are very special people
They are truly the best of the best!

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