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The Best Partner In The World
AM (May 6,1980 / Philippines)

The Best Partner In The World

Poem By Avic Malveda

I longed to be loved like this
And it's great to be in your arms
With your hands that fits to mine
I can feel the love inside

I've been hurt not just at once
And it's with you whom i finally found
The different kind of love
That's really hard to have

I remember how we've first met
Your eyes that tells what's inside your heart
And your voice that is so sweet to hear
Your touch that warms my heart

I kept on telling to myself
How could i be so lucky like this?
To have the best partner in the world
Is what i am thankful to God

My heart is filled with joy
You gave your life to me
Without a doubt you gave your trust
My love for you will never die

And as your partner until the end
This is what i promised you
That in every joy and every pain
In my heart you will always stay

You are my other half
The soul that brings me life
Your heart and mine will beat as one
Forever will be you and me

Date Composed: June 7,2006
A Poem Dedicated To My Husband: Mark Nonato M. Malveda
Copyright © 2006 Ma. Victoria C. Malveda

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