The Best Remedy

It takes a special person, to show
their gratitude, in the nice things
you do! They're always there, to
raise your spirits, making you laugh
too! How good it is, to laugh where
tears start to flow. It's the best picker
upper more than you know. When you
laugh, it makes you forget, just about
everything, that's bad! You're too busy
laughing, so how, can you feel sad?
I guess that's why it's said, laughter is
the best medicine, on that I'll have to
agree. It changes your mood, as well
as your attitude and it's all, for free!
When you're feeling out of sorts, laughter,
will bring you to a place, where you want
to be. So just keep it in mind, laughter, is
always, the best remedy!

by Audrey Heller

Comments (1)

Great remedy my friend. We shoul all laugh more!