The Best Sleep

Sometimes, you feel so tired, you can
hardly make it, into bed! You have to
drag yourself, to get ready for the night,
as you're one, big, sleepy head! Just a
while ago, you fell asleep, in your chair!
As you picked up your head, you had no
idea, you were still, sitting there! When
you fall asleep like this, you feel very
rested, as if you had a full nights rest. It's
happened to me before, so I've put it, to
the test! This kind of sleep, is extremely
restful and too bad, it's only for a short
while. Imagine, if you could do this all
the time, there would be, a good reason,
for you to smile! Most times, when we are
ready, to go to bed for the night, we don't
fall asleep right away. It doesn't come that
easy, for most of us, I'd say! So, if you fall
asleep, in a chair, while doing nothing at
all, it's the best sleep you can have, before
that wake up, call!

by Audrey Heller

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This is certainly a very true poem!