The Best Smile

It was a portrait
Of six feet height
Full size Lady Grace,
Minus lips on her face.

With all his skill
The artist failed still,
To give her a smile,
Free from any style.

He scanned every mile,
For that unseen smile,
One lovely to admire,
Forever, the world over.

Smiles, smiles every where,
But not a smile there,
New, true and plain,
His lady should own.

His wife smiled.
His girl smiled.
His servant smiled.
His boss smiled.

The milkmaid smiled.
The cartman smiled.
The beggar smiled.
The neighbour smiled.

The dandy smiled.
The waiter smiled.
The grocer smiled.
The councilor smiled.

He saw an ambitious smile,
Not an aesthetic smile,
And a cunning smile,
Not a winning smile.

He saw a dubious smile,
Not a divine smile,
And a greedy smile,
Not a graceful smile.

He saw a mischievous smile,
Not a magnanimous smile,
And a voluptuous smile,
Not a virtuous smile.

Smiles, with strings, he found,
Wherever he went round,
But not the best one,
The Lady Grace won.

The smile, the best,
He found at last,
From his own child,
Rocking in the cradle.

Now the Lady Grace smiled.
Thanks to the child.
The portrait was acclaimed,
The best of its kind.

(Longest word in English is 'Smiles'
Because there is a mile between 'S' and 'S')

by Rajaram Ramachandran

Comments (8)

A canvas of myriad smiles but finish, ‘…He found at last, // From his own child…’ is ultimate in smile profile. Smilingly 10 for your poetic / mind child dr.sakti
lolz, , i smiled after reading..ya...the longest word in the world coz there is mile inside between s...i love thisssssssssssssssssssssss...mmmuuuaaahhhhh
No wonder this poem has become so popular it came from the wise and wonderful pen of Rajaram Ramachandran. The gift of a child's smile is a gift indeed. Warmest regards, Sandra
Your poem is truely lovely, tells a wonderful story, but a sad one, to think that the only smile that was genuine would be that of a child. If one is without ego, then the smile that eminates from that person is the same as that child. I, for one, am working on becoming without ego.....a truely happy state to be in! God Bless xxx
Dear friend, The best smile ever, the smile in the absence of guile..Just a simple smile, can indeed change a lot of things..A smile brings down hatred and leaves more space for love....Even in silence, a smile still shines ever brightly....A fantastic one....Keep up your good work! ! With lots of best wishes and love, K.Poornima
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