The Best Thing In Life Is Life Itself


The Best thing in life is life itself.
How we live it determines our role.
The Good the bad and the indifferent.
Even a sure thing Becomes I don't know.

The Hopes the Dreams The nightmares
They're all important parts of the game.
The only rule is there are no rules.
And every one of us is to blame.

So a bit of advice I give to you.
On your journey through the looking glass,
Leave the future to the future.
And the Past to the Past

Believe in yourself. Believe in God.
And make an effort to do it right
For tomorrow is promised to no one.
And this just may be you're last night.

Comments about The Best Thing In Life Is Life Itself

(The Best Thing In Life Is Life Itself - Poem by DENNIS TAYLOR.) Congrats for a great piece of writing. Thanks for some good advice.
Wow....this poem is deep. I really liked it, everything came together well. Live life right...and when you die you should remain in peace. Well done Dennis

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