Where There Once Was Dark

Yesterday all was dark and gloomy
My life's outlook was all dreary
My heart was broken, my soul tattered
Couldn't see, my eyes were all teary

My world was ending bit by bit
The pain - it was indescribable
Loneliness was tearing me in two
The despair was insurmountable

I stood in the pit and all was black
I never thought I'd climb out of it
I simply could not see any way out
I was dying inside, bit by bit

Then along came a miracle
And though for you it be small
It changed things for me
Changed them once and for all

And today where there once was dark
Now I can see naught but the light
My world has changed for the better
It is truly a most wonderful sight

Where pain once wracked my soul
Where yesterday my heart was broken
Now I sing songs of joy and love
For at last my heart has spoken

It tells me tales of wonders great
Of joy and peace and wondrous love
Tales to rival those told in the Bible
Tales told Of God's own heaven above

My heart and soul both leap and bound
Through fields of the most verdant green
Under a sun made of glowing gold
It's the grandest thing I've ever seen

And though I know not what tomorrow brings
Darkness and despair or joy and light
Right here and now, for this wonderful day
I will bask in the joy of all that's right

by Noah Body

Comments (3)

This poem is missing two lines. Please correct!
Ah! Sweet poem birthing thought, and all the wisdom living has bought. Surely we will know the answers, when again roses are dancers.
nice! uhm..i dnt really know what's the best thing on earth....but this poem goes with what my thoughts depict of what the best thing on earth is.