The Better Part

Long fed on boundless hopes, O race of man,
How angrily thou spurn'st all simpler fare!
'Christ,' some one says, 'was human as we are;

by Matthew Arnold Click to read full poem

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I felt it through my spine... I have fondness for reading a poem like this cause its no ordinary its one of a kind and inspiring for poets like me whos young and a bigener
was Christ a man like us, like it.
O race of man! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
The greatest gift to Rugby School, a fine scholar and poet. This poem expresses the great dilemma as Rajnish has said and is beautifully expressed. Tom Billsborough
Matthew Arnold has said that Poetry is the criticism of life! This poem is a perfect example of his famous saying!
This wonderful poem deals with the philosophical dilemma about whether a supreme heavenly power judging the good and bad deeds of all human beings does exist or not. An eternal question answered by the great poet quite rationally. This shows the depth of Arnold's observation.