The Big Bone In The Sky

You cheered me up with the simplest wag of your tail

Or trying to nuzzle with me when I slept on the couch.

Everyone saw a mean dog, yet you were everything but

You'd lick my face when I was sad

Or waited by my feet when I ate

Waited for me by the door when I left the house

And barked at me when I took to long feeding you

You annoyed me when you always had to be rubbed, but what I wouldn't do to rub your head once more

You protected me when we were in the house, barking at anything that dared approach the front door

But now you've gone, I don't have you here leaning against me with your head against my knee asleep

Or the way you'd wag your tail everytime I said your name

I can't walk you around the block

Or throw the ball you loved to chew on

Instead, all I have is a picture and a memory

I don't care if this seems frivolous to others or dumb in their eyes.

You were the only thing that kept me happy with a smile on my face and now you've gone.

I hope the place that your at now, is filled with peanut butter flavored biscuits and endless amounts of tennis balls

Countless back rubbers that continuely rub your belly

And cool grass for you to lay in when the sun is out

And most of all a place where you feel no more pain as when you were here

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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