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(((The Big Candy Apple)))

New York City is hoppin'
The Big Apple is Candy-Red
Times Square is quite an affair
Never mind the thoughts slinking outta our heads;

The lights of broadway are neon flashin'
The Rocketts are doin' their dance-
New York City is hoppin'
All glamour-all glitz-all romance;

Forgive me if i miss ya
'Cause i've got so much here to do
The Big Apple has called out to me
And i'm busy takin' in the view;

The Statue of Liberty she beckons
Central Park is bidding me to come as well
So much to do and so little time left
And riding the subways can be h-! ;

But in the end its really all worth it
The Big Candy Apple is great
Check it out and learn what its all about
I'll meet you on Broadway at half past eight;

Dedicated to New York-Then-Now-and Forever.
To The Movie: Sex in The City 2- Soon to Be Released.
Sarah Jessica Parker-actress-producer-New Head of Halston-etc.
To Carla Cravens-Soul daughter-Interior maker
To Katie-My cuz
To Nancy Grace who is every victims Angel

May 10,2010

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