The Big Chill

It’s cold outside,
It’s blistering,
It’s biting,
And hurting my skin,
It’s freezing,
So breezy,
And makes me cold within,
Cold to the core of me,
It makes my eyes water,
Cold to the heart of me,
When I walk I falter.
I start to run,
Can’t take much more,
My face is frozen stiff,
I can’t feel my hands now,
This is really getting tough,
The door to the store,
Is battling with me,
“No I won’t let you in! ”
“Yes you really will! ” say I,
“To let me freeze out here is a sin! ”
I get inside and realize,
It’s really not so great,
I still can’t feel my hands or feet,
I’m still in a frozen state.
The shoppers rush about,
Like nothing has happened at all.
And though I understand it,
Still I feel appalled.
I suppose I will get used to it,
It’s really not so bad,
When I think there are those out there,
Who are not so warmly clad,
Those without shelter,
Without real warmth,
No family to cheer them,
No real way of knowing,
Which way the wind is blowing,
For these poor folks I will think,
Next time I am out there,
And brace it with dignity,
To prove I really care.

by Aisha Sherazi

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