The Big, Dumb Ball

Uncle Ned, last night I dreamt I was a-sittin'
in a tea cup, jist a-watchin' a big, dumb ball.
It was so big it near covered the sky.
It was movin' slow and heavy, Uncle Neddy.
When it moved, I felt like I moved.
When it growed, I felt like I were a-growin', too.

Ned, don't encourage that child none with his tall tales.
Yestiday, he told me that inside the henhouse
it was blowin' up a gale. It's time that child was
in his bed. And Ned, the cow got loose again. I heard
her bell clear over in the dell, t'other side of Hobo's Well.

I'll get that cow in a minute, Nell. Nevvy, why is it dumb?
Because it don't know from where it's come, or of what it's done.
It don't know what set it a-rollin', it just keeps on a-going.
Now Nevvy, you know there ain't really no such thing.

I'll jist say this, Uncle Ned,
If you're a-walkin' in the dell, and the clouds begin to roil,
and the pond begins to boil, and a big round shadow
near covers up the sun, don't try hidin' in a tea cup.
You might not fit-just git!

by Mary Naylor

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Very imaginative and good fun. I enjoyed it