The Big Getaway

I keep running, running
trying to get away
my feet are moving, my heart is pounding
I keep looking back, trying to see if you are behind me
time is an issue here
I'm falling
I'm hurt
but i got to keep on running.
your'e always there,
running behind me
My pace has slowed up
these feet are not sure, if they can make it anymore
running out of reasons to leave
you even memorized them
challenged me, when i named them
sounds kind of cruel now
my energy level has been destroyed
stripped from me
i am not on a high anymore
i'm begining to wonder
if it is me, that is unhappy
Are things all that bad?
bad could be worseconfusion sets in
am i losing my mind?
gotta get out of here
gotta keep up with the pace
pack my things
i must go
loving you shouldn't be painful
I should be running to you, not away from you
don't follow me please
no, not this time
don't ask me any questions
no not this time
i gotta run, keep going
i don't wanna hear the complaints no more
the demands
stay focused!
keep running till i'm safe
strong enough to getaway and stay away
strong enough to free my mind
for 'The Big Getaway'

Adrienne C. Strachn
Dedicated to woman who
wanted to get away but couldn't

by Adrienne Clark Strachn

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