The Big Rock (Revised)

When I was small,
I had it all.
Beaches to explore,
Trees to climb,

by Dee Daffodil Click to read full poem

Comments (11)

You took this reader right to that rock, had him fishing there with you and looking down in to the sea. Evocative and picturesque writing. Great work. jim xx
This is an excellent poem Dee. You have a real affinity with the child's view of the world and an ability to translate it for the rest of us. Well structured and not over-worded. Fine work. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxx
Wow! this reminds me of the mountain I so loved to climb back home in Lesotho, I used to call it my rock of ages. Thank you again for taking me back to those days with this good poem.
It kinda reminds me of how little kids love to play in empty cardboard boxes...a wonderful piece yet again. Eni da kid :)
wow..glad u told me to read this's wonderful.... Preets
you know what Dee, if you look at that big rock will see how small a rock it really is...but as a child that was the
This one rocks! Wonderful poem Dee. Warmest wishes, Justine
Ahhhh... and the heat they throw off later in the day when the sun is fading is like a mother's loving hug. -chuck
One of my most beautiful experiences was climbing Ben Nevis in Scotland, The views were unspeakably wonderful, the eye drawn into the distance and such a peace all around, Thankyou for this great poem and thankyou also for the lovely memories Love Duncan X
I love big rocks dee, the bigger the better, hahahahahaha and fishing poles nice, , , , catch anything? Love dave xxxx
A solid rock of a piece... stirs reminiscences. You're a relaxing read in the morning DD!