SSU ( / Sullia, Karnataka, India)

The Big Tree Fell

Here it is, there it is,
Lying around in a hundred piece
A victim of man's desire. Hell!
Oh God! The big tree fell!

I see it every morning,
I see it every evening,
No! I don't see it anymore!
For it fell dead, my tears outpour.

Years hundred, mighty, it stood.
Now, just loads of log and wood.
All the lives it carried merry,
With dead grief, they ran in hurry.

To hundreds of birds and monkeys,
To squirrels, butterflies and bees,
It was a haven, a place to dwell,
But now all I can shout and tell
Is " The big tree fell! The big tree fell! "

by Srinidhi S U

Comments (6)

A fine start with a nice poem, Srinidhi. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
Just wonderful poem..well done
This is really good one
Thank you Dr Dillip Thank you Abhimanyu Sir :
Wonderful poem is shared I liked the poetic expression...10
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