The Bigger World Out There Was Calling

The bigger World out there was calling and time was becoming my foe
When i said my goodbyes to Duhallow going back twenty nine years ago
The rivers and streams from the high ground bank high in the old fields did flow
On that chilly day in December the Boggeraghs wore their hats of snow

The lust of the wander was in me though i was then beyond my prime
And now at the doorway of seventy i have lived the most of my lifetime
And unlike the cuckoo or swallow i did not come home for the Spring
Without me in the groves of Duhallow the songbirds of Nature do sing

In the place where i was known to many to most i would be a stranger today
I have not been there for twenty nine years and from there i live so far away
Though good memories today remain with me of the fields in their wildflowers of May
And the cattle gaining weight on young grass far more nutritious than silage and hay

The brown flood waters bank high were flowing in the waterways of the brown trout
When of the fields of the rook and the badger of old Duhallow i went south
I followed the lure of the wander from where many knew me as one of their own
Where to most today i would be a stranger and only to a few people known.

by Francis Duggan

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