The Bill Henson Affair

When the silent majority speaks out they do sound to say the least shrill
The Bill Henson affair one example the artist with a camera Bill
His photographs of a pubescent female seen by some as pornographic evil in beauty some do see
This seems just like another Witch-hunt at least that's how it seems to me.

The Prime minister of Australia Kevin Ruud with the knockers is in on the act
But Kevin is a renowned populist I'm only stating what's a fact
Just another populist leader that the Aussie voters have empowered
They did not opt for change in Kevin they just went for a younger Howard.

There's even talks of charges on Bill Henson though he is not guilty of sin
We live in an age of paranoia in the Human world that we live in
Fear of those that we see as different we live in fear of our own fear
But people should not have to worry if their conscience of wrong-doing is clear.

It should not be hard to distinguish the difference between pornography and art
Yet some people though well educated cannot seem to tell them apart
The Bill Henson affair is one example his price for fame seems huge to pay
He does not have to wait to die for his judgement our Earthly judges on him have their say.

by Francis Duggan

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