The Billboard

As I was walking down the street
A billboard met my eye.
The advertisements written there
Would make you laugh or cry.

The wind and rain had come along
And washed it half away.
The other half remaining there
Would make this billboard say:

Come smoke a Coke-a-Cola
Tomato ketchup cigaretts.
See Lillian Russel wrestle
With a box of castoretts.

Pork and beans will meet tonight
In a finish fight.
Chauncy Depew will lecture on
Sabolio tonight.

Bay Rum is good for horses
We have the best in town.
Castoria cures the measles.
You pay five dollars down.

Teeth extracted without pain
A little at a time.
Overcoats on sale tonight
For only half a dime.

Keep that school-girl complextion
With Colgate Dental Cream.
It comes out like a ribbon
Results a perfect scream.

Use Blue Jay on your parlor rug
Eventually why not now?
And now i'm not gonna rhyme anymore
Because I don't know how.

by Melvin Hergenroter

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I've never heard you do that one certainly dates you with those vintage product references.