The Billionaire's Daughter

The billionaire's daughter she looks rather plain
But that she is not short of suitors is not hard to explain
For many young males hearts do not rule their head
And money speaks every language as it has been said.

She is now in her prime she has turned twenty eight
And she is one who won't go short of a date
And for her birthday her dad brought her a huge property
With a six bedroom house overlooking the sea.

The billionaire's daughter the easy life know
And her father's vast fortune with each passing day grow
It's been said with a ten dollar bill he lights up his cigar
And his daughter she drives the most expensive car.

The billionaire's daughter sleeps in every day
She doesn't have to work as most have to for pay
An hour's work in her life she has not had to do
She is one of the lucky the very rare few.

The billionaire's daughter the good life enjoy
Whilst so many must struggle just for to get by
And though she may look quite plain she is always well dressed
And she owns a few race horses as an interest.

She doesn't have the looks for to catch a man's eye
But then is there one thing that money cannot buy
And for lack of male attention she need not complain
And that she has many suitors not hard to explain.

by Francis Duggan

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