The Biological Clock On Our Lives

The biological clock on our lives it is ticking and ticking and ticking away
The brown haired young lad of the forties is the gray haired old man of today
He wonders where the years have gone to on looking back time went so fast
His boyhood and prime went so quickly few things ever do seem to last
The worries and stresses of living to nothing does seem to amount
And that you live well and be happy in life is what only does count
It is a fact of our existence and facts as we know never lie
That like all other life forms us humans are mortals and mortals are born to die
Try to make the most of every day time for anyone does not wait
Our gift of life is our greatest gift a gift we ought to celebrate
For many life is a great battle lady luck to them never a friend
But in adversity they display courage and they battle on 'til the end
So you make the most out of your life happiness and good health the most important of all
And for you may good things only happen and may your biggest worries be small.

by Francis Duggan

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