AW (A Long while ago / England)

The Bird

Solitary bird, what do you see?
Perched upon the highest part
What sights fill the eye?
Rain soaked feathers
Frail bird what sounds
Invade the silence
Where now your companions
Injured bird, in stillness linger.

The silence of death
Beneath your resting place
As crowds below fade
But for two or three
You are alone
Where now your song
Melody of recent days
Bitter apathy assumes defeat

Flightless now your heart
Captures the pain
Of all remaining souls
Mirrored by the storm
The tears of a mother
Heart pierced and broken
As a body leaves the tree
Arise, the bird sings of renewal

Song of life, not of death
Of birth and new beginnings
Alight upon the circle of stone
Wings unfurl, liberated
Ascends into the dawn
As you leave the nest
Of your restoration
Rise, rise, it is a new day.

by Adrian Wait

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