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The Bird In The Cage
AC (16 Nov 1953 / Jammu)

The Bird In The Cage

how can you enslave me?
when I was born for the open blue sky?
how can you shut me in this gilded cage
where I am trapped and cannot fly?
round and round I go.....
hitting against the gilded cage sides,
along with love, a certain cruelty abides,
true you derive pleasure, watching my grace,
you feed me fruits and seeds, in that little space,
but what of my freedom, my desire and right to fly?
to who can I plead? to who can I cry?
do not entrap me thus, let me go.....
be my friend, not my bitterest foe,
nothing can be crueller, than witholding my freedom,
let me escape to the wide skies, my boundless kingdom,
let me spread my wings and soar high,
I was born to sing freely, soar high in the sky,
admire me from below., singing happily on a pretty branch
hear my sad song, , give me a life, give me a chance,
and when you have freed me, so much happiness will you find,
you helped to set me free, you have set free your mind,
no one was born to be in bondage, none of God's creation,
neither animal, a human being, or even an entire nation,
freedom is the right of every creature,
freedom is our birthright, our very nature
so take a lesson and set me free,
set me free, for that alone is my destiny.

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Comments (2)

a lovely poem, Arti... i have written something similar...pls do check out my poem 'Let Me Fly'... love, Asma...
No man nor animal of good heart should be prohibited freedom. A very nice piece of work, here, Arti...A wee bit prosesque, in structure, but yet still a true poetic gem... ~F. j. R. ~