The Birdman A Salute To Iron Mike Tyson

outside his window they hover over

through gallows of granduer to endure


great wisdom comes from above given to him

through temples of fire long lines alone


Tyson was used to providing

learn to take each new day in perspective


never let them leave you second guessing

I must clearly confess


The birdman was a dreamer

a no it all talker falling apart at the seams


a closet king in a world so very mean

destined for soaring heights tonight in flight


there was a lesson to be learned

the birdman goes for a watch


chooses it's greatest need watch as some may bleed

out of every circumstance learn to take part in the dance


super sized surprise through it's twisted lines

look deep within my friend


columns of piers we shed a single tear

for all to draw ever nearer

by John Ackerman

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