JO ( / Laguma Beach, California)

The Birds And The Bees

One afternoon in the Summertime,
Locked in traffic, for quite sometime.
With their older sister, our twins,
Put their Mom on needles and pins.
With their mother, so close and near,
They asked, "How do babies get here?"
A simple quest, by these girls of five,
Not knowing, they stirred up a bee hive.
A deep breath, their Mother did take.
This subject, she did not want to fake.
A teacher, she would tell it for real,
Before the three sisters could appeal.
From kisses, to love making, to birth,
She talked and talked, for all she was worth.
The twins moaned and groaned and gagged,
As on and on, their Mother wagged.
Each twin assured the other,
They would never ever, be a Mother.
Our seven year old, observed, she was so nice,
"Well, after all, it only happened twice!"

by James O'Donnell

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