The Birds I Used To Know

Their voices remain with me from places far away
And in my flights of fancy I hear them sing today
The blackbird and the robin the throstle and the wren
The one with a loud song for a tiny bird sang in the furzy glen
In Spring the rooks built their nests of sticks high on the tall beech trees
Their loud cawing carried for some distance in the freshening evening breeze
And the thrush sized dark brown white breasted dipper with the scratchy familiar song
Was singing in the river where the rapids raced along
As if in a great hurry for to reach the ocean shore
From it's source by the mountain it will flow forever more
On towards the distant ocean through places lush and green
On it's banks the rank grass flattened told of where the floods had been
And though time is ever ticking and the Seasons come and go
In fancy I can hear them singing the birds I used to know.

by Francis Duggan

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