The Birds Known To Many As Thethe Silver Back Crow

No mercy to weakly young lambs they do show
The kind of bird hated by sheep farmers the silver back crow
Who of them do not have any kind word to say
They pluck out the eyes of frail young lambs and leave them to die in a slow and painful way
The sight of people the silver back crow have learned to fear
Their kind are shot at and poisoned every day of the year
But despite the farmers best efforts to make them extinct they survive today
The birds known to many in feathers of dark and gray
In mountain places they remain a common sight
And when people approach them they quickly take to flight
To Nature's survivors their kind does belong
Those who forecast the demise of their species surely got it wrong
Of the life of the avian outlaw they do know
The birds known to many as the silver back crow.

by Francis Duggan

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