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The Birds Of The Air
( / Germany)

The Birds Of The Air

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

Today in Albena, I drank tea in early morning bliss
Watching birds spiralling up in the clear blue sky
Relaxed I was with the touch of a gentle sea breeze
Wishing myself of having the power at any hour to fly

The birds of the air
I must say you will find everywhere
The birds of the air
I will say fly almost anywhere without fear

They will flutter their wings
They will play strings and sing
To find a mate to have a fling
They will fly in circles of rings

At dawn you will hear that familiar chorus
That birdy sound will make you quite curious
Visited by different types of high-pitched notes
And several shades of white, black and grey coats

I say, little birds, come out of your nest
Up in splendid pure skies is a flying contest
I see birds fly and whistle in chirpiness
Merrily I drink in their sight in perkiness

With a birds eye and I with my divine third eye
We can watch each other without saying goodbye
For birds can spot a meal miles away
As they fly around in dozens of arrays

Later that day I sang a song in a high pitched note
In the swimming pool, one bird washed and kept afloat
And in the melodies of her wings
I could hear her vibrating strings

Those white wings that flutter
Can make ones heart melt in butter
I watch the graceful white gliders soar in the air
And dive with dignity to steal food without a care
Later I watched the pelicans swim at sea
With little birds flying in and out of trees
Then I listened to the wood peckers at night
And enjoyed the songs of warblers in daylight

Birds of prey that need to be fed
Hawks, eagles, buzzards, and vultures
The parrots and different love birds
Birds of love that inspire in culture

The birds of the air for sure
Can travel through any type of moisture
The birds of the air can play chords
That one has no choice but to applaud

This morning there is a repetitious tweeting sound
Heard from above the skies and heard from the ground
Now I understand her bitter sweet sorrow of a whine
For there are two lost souls wandering the coastline

Copyright 2015 Sylvia Lovina Chidi

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