The Birth Of A New State

In the city square of the capital City the thousands celebrate
What is a marvellous day for all of them the birth of their new State
For such a special day as this for years they've had to wait
The band is playing the flags are flying and they will party on till late.

But tomorrow for them won't be any different the poor will still be poor
And their new Government will not make their future any bit more secure
The homeless will still be homeless and at a young age will die
And the poor children of poor parents for food will always cry.

The leaders of the rebel army are those who stand with most to gain
By the way they talk one would think the hard times are gone never more to be seen again
their families and other relatives and mates will thrive of their own they will take care
Of any economic boom they will get the lion's share.

Of the streets of the Capital the bands play up and down
And the people for to celebrate throng the square of the big Town
Jubilant at the birth of their new Nation but will they ever be free
Of the thing that hurts them most of all their scourge of poverty

by Francis Duggan

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