The Birth Of Color From Grey (Sonnet #1)

The world was made of grey
No colors at all
And all I can say
Is that the color shattered on a wall

Walls had been grey forever
The color had no meaning
And as I pull a lever
The color appears for my well-being

Colors spread like a disease
With red, yellow, and brown
Give me some more colors please
Or I will surely frown

All these colors are made from grey
So thanks to grey, we have colors today

by Stephen Black

Comments (2)

Very simplistic, yet very nice. Something about it that I like. If you want to create a proper sonnet, though, you must write in iambic pentameter. Which means there must be 10 syllables in each line. You seem to have the iambic part down, now work on the pentameter. Also, it must go in a rhyming patter of ABABCDCDEFEFGG. So you're almost there! Keep it up bro!
Wow smart girl interestin poem