The Birth Of Poetry

the disturbing pain in my belly
squeezed words out of my heart
in a controlled delivery of words
in the maternity ward of my mind
where poetry was born
screaming and kicking
as he consumed his first breath
butt-naked and free
Poetry was a boy...

the soft hands of my heart
caressed the newborn
maternal instincts
rubbing poetry into his soul
bonding with the lad
as he stared at me
with those big white eyes
radiating in their poetic pose
Poetry was beautiful...

the sucking of his mouth
was soothing to my bosom
allowing the milk to flow
and Poetry was happy
tumbling and tossing
in his new home
in a moment
Poetry was asleep...

the passing times
encouraged his poetic wobbling
in an unsteady search of meaning
he took his first step
towards the journey of a million miles
where he gonna drink
from the poetic spring of life
and enjoy life full of Poetry.

by Kenneth Maswabi

Comments (2)

Impressive penning...Polished and smoothly structured ~FjR~
lovely poem it is Kenneth