The Birthday Man

In October Brian Murphy turned eighty two though he is one who don't feel old
And in his life of great adventure there's a good story to be told
As a young man he left Skerries in Dublin for Britain and the U S A
And in the tough business of banking to the top he worked his way.

He has travelled far and seen much since his journey through life began
And he is one who has the wisdom of the widely travelled man
Not many Countries he has not visited and so much he has done and seen
And he retains some vivid memories of the places he has been

One of the most extraordinary people that I've had the privilege to have met
And he is one I still remember as not a man one could forget
Stories of his life of great adventure he's always happy to recall
And he is generous with his knowledge in him there is nothing small.

Eoin Murphy has turned eighty two but at heart young he remain
And all of the knowledge he has garnered on life's journey he retain
He will be around at ninety and though many of his friends to the reaper gone
Men like him never surrender they just carry on and on.

by Francis Duggan

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