The Birthday Wall (Children)

In Daddy's bedroom down the hall,
there's a special place, The Birthday Wall.
Every year about this time,
he hugs me then he draws my line.

We look at where I used to be
when I was small and only three.
Much higher, then, the one for four,
then five, then six, and now one more.

On the wall two names I see,
my little sister's, then there's me.
Sissy's line comes to my nose.
To look at mine, she's on tiptoes.

Sometimes when I am feeling small,
I go down to see The Birthday Wall
to see how big I'll be next time
Daddy hugs me and he draws my line.

by C.J. Heck

Comments (2)

A sweet family moment, thanks.
Great poem C.J.! We have this at our house but we do it on the inside of our front door. It's funny to see all the kids are now higher than my mark! I really enjoyed this one. Sincerely, Mary