Do Not Desire Me So Much

Poem By Ravi Kopra

I'm jealous of your friends,
That golden bond, you all share.
I used to be envious of the way
the ladies would smile and stare.
I'm hateful for all the things
to me, you've said and done,
I'm regretful because sometimes,
I think that you're not the one.
all these wasted years,
Of sweat, blood and tears.
looking back, I think I was a fool,
You were a total waste of time.
Your love is like that of a drunken man,
who has more love for his liquor,
than that of his woman
You're nice and sweet to me,
when it's to your liking
but your rage, and fury
to others is rather shocking
your friends can hardly believe
that you would take advantage of their trust,
and are so quick to deceive,
I am vengeful, for I want you to suffer
for all the lies, threats, broken promises,
for all the fights, arguments and beatings
I want you to feel a pain like no other.
I want you to grovel at my feet,
I want you to beg for mercy and admit your defeat.
Even though we are no longer together,
A small part of my heart, still dares to care.
possibly a thin glimpse of hope, that you will change
for that is the only way I can cope...with
seven years of trials, seven years of pain
seven years of sunshine, and seven years of rain.
I used to be sweet, but with all this ware and tare,
over the years I've become bitter, and full of dispair
If I've hurt your feelings, I can't say that I'm sorry
this last outburst of yours, has left me numb; of course
I was crystal clear, when I said I wanted you out,
But you stated that you refuse to leave...
And that's understandable, no doubt.
If we didn't share children, there would be no need for you to stay
It's very clear that you love them more than me... anyways.

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