The Bitterness Of Loneliness

I've been thinking
On my way of living
Which no one could comprehend
And I still choose to pretend

Hiding this pain
Under the rapid rain
I even barely know what's happiness
I've been devoured by the bitterness of loneliness

Your hand to hold
Is letting go
My heart became cold
From the day you said 'no'

I've been alone
Holding my phone
Waiting for the message tone
Giving chills up to my bone

I can't trust anyone now
I've got no one by my side
Our broken vow
Has made me hopelessly stride

I lost my other half
Lost the ability to laugh
Making me constantly cough
Realizing it was just a bluff

From the beginning
To the end
My soul has been sinning
The soul that God has lend

It's hard to forget
That I can't even tend to regret
And I still neglect
Even though it was never correct

Come along
And save me from this broken heart
Tag along
In this defiled world of art

by Bless Mycho Jamil

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