The Black Cows Are Bellowing

Though not short of grass and not in need of hay
The black cows have been bellowing all of last night and today
Just displaying their sorrow of them one can say
Since from them the farmer has taken their calves away

Humans do grieve and cows do grieve too
They grieve for their young as human mothers do
The bond of love between a cow and her calf as a human mother and her child is as strong
And those who will tell you different have got it all wrong

Their calves gone to the abattoir for to be slaughtered for wealthy people to eat
As veal for to buy is quite expensive meat
And the cows left to bellow themselves hoarse sounds of their sorrow travel far and wide
In the still morning air across the green countryside

The black cows are bellowing in the paddock nearby
The wailing of their grief echo to the sky
Though with plenty of grass to eat and not in need of hay
They mourn for the calves from them taken away.

by Francis Duggan

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