The Black Flag

In the Land of the white sand of very few trees
On a flag post the flag of death is blowing in the breeze
A symbol of oppression and suffering and murder and tears
Good stories of ISIS one never read of or hear

The army of criminals are so very cruel
By death and oppression they live and by terror they rule
Where they are not a destination for those in need of a holiday
Anyone with different ideas of life from them from where they live stay away

Their ideas of religion death to everyone different is hatred in the extreme
Yet they do not represent their God it does seem
But their reign of terror will eventually come to an end
Since every day they make thousands of enemies to make a friend

Because of them and their ideologies many good people have died
The white sands of the desert their foul crimes do hide
But what goes around comes around as the wise one does say
And to Karma for their crimes they eventually must pay.

by Francis Duggan

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