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The Black Hole

In the poem, I am an astronaut flying my spacecraft through the galaxies when I come across a black hole:

I gazed through the dark, cold space
Beads of perspiration trickled down my face

The tiny ball of matter was menacingly close
Ducking behind the cosmic haze, till again it rose

My onboard computer concurred
Eons ago a super nova had occurred

Riding on the crest of its own unbridled ambition
The evil had collapsed in on itself with submission

No good would emanate from its darkened heart
It rather deflected any radiance with its evil dart

Eventually reducing itself to the point of infinite density
Creating thus what is known as a ravenous singularity

The prancing black hole is now poised to gobble me up
It will feast on me, and then, leisurely burp

Am I going to be brow beaten by a dying star?
No way. This gremlin will not go that far

The afterburners of my spaceship I gun into action
It takes lot of effort, but frees me of the gravitation

Though prudence is not the hallmark of my disposition
My ordeal finally teaches me the lesson

‘No more black holes in my life’
Do you hear me?

The moral of the story is “ do not get overawed by others. They may appear threatening and fearsome, but actually hollow and fearful themselves. Most of them are like spent cartridges. Kick them as hard as you can, and at the right place”.

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