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The Black Mercedes Convertible
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Black Mercedes Convertible

It was a beautiful Mercedes, two seater,
ebony black, the top stowed in the back,
I asked the clerk, blonde, young and shy,
if it was hers, and she, being a quickie,
said yes, of course, it is, and do you like it?

I answered, blushing just a shade, my dear
hardworking girl, would you just marry me?
She laughed and laughed and laughed,
to hide her own sweet blush and lack of words,
and then she looked at me as if to say,
I love you, Sir, in my own way, but please consider,
that I am just sixteen and do not even drive.

Somehow it made my day, surprisingly,
and I have now become a regular
on all the days except the one that she has off.

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Comments (5)

it is always those random moments... that make a day. this is beautifully captured. salut.
Guys, it really happened. Wright's Fruit Barn. But all is safe. H
THIS is the reason we were nervous when my daughter started working this summer! ! (Yes, Herbert, I'm kidding!) Nice poem, I'd even say romantic.........if you were 20. (sorry!) Sincerely, :) Mary
I think you could get arrested for entertaining thoughts like that. (Not the car.) Raynette
watch out for those young chicklets or was it the car that was the big attraction REGARDS ALLAN