The Black Rain

The black rain is falling,
Destroying all in its path
Staining their souls,
Playing out its evil wrath,
None can escape
As it tumbles down-wards,
Spreading the evil
To gather in hoards,
As the sky turns to black
The red lightning shall flash
The ground shall burn
The world turns to ash,
The black rain continues,
Across the land,
Creating chaos and feelings
Of which, we can never understand.
We watch it coming
See it plummeting from the skies,
Do nothing to prevent it
As the world around us dies.
For the rain is our sins
Those events we create
The damage and pollution
Things we have come to realize
But now it's too late.
The damage is done,
The rain shall descend,
We can only watch it,
As it brings our end.

by orion tudor

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Absolutly great, I love the imagery! ! ! Very well done. ~~Elya Thorn~~